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Product 2

About BanterUHC

Hello and welcome to BanterUHC the largest NA Minecraft based Speed UHC, Flower Power UHC, Cut Clean UHC and Psycho UHC server there is.

If you don't know what UHC is, Minecraft UHC (Ultra Hardcore) is a gamemode originally created by the Mindcrack team. In UHC Minecraft, there is no natural health regeneration, meaning that the only way to replenish your health is by eating golden apples, golden heads, or making health potions. You will start off in a mining phase then once that phase is over you will be teleported near the center of the map where you will then need to fight any and all other remaining players so you can be the last player standing! The winner!

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See you on the server!



Administration & Development

Brad can usually be found AFK in a hub or even mid-game re-writing and fixing code or configurations on the Network. Or day-dreaming of food.


Forums & Ban Appeals

Setherson is often caught interacting with players getting a lot of community feedback and calling someone "fab" when he should be working!


Head of Staff, Builds & Community

Bri can be found organizing community events and training new staff members, when she isn’t running around the hub in circles, or playing cut clean games with her friends.